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Developing a New Style and Seizing an Opportunity, # Great, My Good Dad # Detonated A Flaunting the Dad Boom
2017-06-16 09:58:24

(Former title: Developing a new style and seizing an opportunity, # Great, my good dad # detonated a flaunting the dad boom))

It is a usual approach for businessmen to carry out marketing on holidays. When Father’s Day approaches brand owners play “emotional cards” one and another. Recently, # Great, my good dad # MicroBlog activity launched by Kispa overawed other brands by displaying its strength and detonated an unprecedented flaunting the dad boom. Kispa not only used the activity to gain exposure, but also built up the momentum for “wonderful moment and happy Kispa Shanghai Disney Resort meet-and-greet” on June 18.

Forestalling the enemy, creative dynamic baby-watching graphs were surrounded and watched

How to seize the opportunity of Father’s Day? The entry stage is to promote “in the name of the father”. The initial stage is to play emotional cards and arouse sympathy “in the name of love”. The advanced stage is to have an insight into the “momentum” and play with consumers through marketing activities.

On June 12, Kispa released a group of dynamic baby-watching graphs by MicroBlog, including quick-witted new dad who braids hair in different ways, enjoyed new dad who laughs with daughter in sofa and has a foot bath with daughter and open-minded new dad who plays games with friends attracted by the fresh and fantastic style gave a like to Great, my good dad! Brand owners picked a MicroBlog topic and carried out MicroBlog activity and invited users to photos and videos that their dads accompanied them in childhood, they accompany their dads now or they have a skin-friendly hug with their children to get super skin-friendly gift package.

Developing a new style and seizing an opportunity, # Great, my good dad # detonated a flaunting the dad boom

((A dynamic graph released by Kispa)

Flaunting the dad movement flooded the screen of MicroBlog with the support of celebrities

User participation of Kispa has already left other brands far behind. Active forwarding and recommendation of MicroBlog masters from different circles ignited the activity.

Once launched, Phoenix Weekly, Morning Post and other major media reported and interpreted the activity and topic. Child rearing celebrities encouraged moms to freeze the precious family time. Punsters poked fun at baby-watching scenes. Emotion WeChat Official Accounts recalled dad’s companion in childhood…… KOL widened the topic at different levels.

Developing a new style and seizing an opportunity, # Great, my good dad # detonated a flaunting the dad boom

(Many MicroBlog masters actively participated in the activity)

By now, #Great, my good dad# has had nearly 5 million readers and nearly 50000 net friends have gotten involved in the discussion. Relevant responsible person of Kiaps said: “Kispa will invite some families to participate in “Wonderful moment and happy Kispa Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel meet-and-greet” on June 18 (Father’s Day).” At that time, Huang Lei will chair the coronation of good dads and share experience in baby-watching.” It appears that “Father’s Day” marketing companion of Kispa is just getting started.

Have an insight into Great, my good dad

Kispa deeply realizes from the activity that it is difficult to be parents after we raise a baby. New moms and dads are aware that parents’ companion is so previous and dad is so great only when they raise a baby. Kispa encourages net friends to flaunt the dad. In fact, it reminds new moms and dads of learning from their dads and accompanying their children as much as possible. Meanwhile, they should know how to be grateful and accompany their dads. Therefore, we should sigh with emotion: Great, my good dad!

Developing a new style and seizing an opportunity, # Great, my good dad # detonated a flaunting the dad boom

“Skin-friendly hug” which appeared continuously in the activity is a super action symbol of Kispa. “Skin-friendly hug” is a hug that both sides’ skin contacts with fabric and either side can feel the other side’s skin temperature and fabric softness. It can get family members closer, promote the relationship and make a family more perfect. Having passed human skin irritation test, Kispa skin-friendly cleaning product can make clothes skin-friendly and irritation-free and give more perfect “skin-friendly hug”. Marketing specialist commented: “Kispa skin-friendly hug is a super action symbol with infinite creative space which realizes a perfect combination of brand emotion and product function.”

“Father's love is as great as a mountain”. It seems heavy to mention father’s love. #Great, my good dad# flaunting the dad movement initiated by Kispa develops a new style and enables net friends to express their feelings in a relaxed and natural way. The activity succeeds in making the best of profound insight and social media. On June 18, which is also Father’s Day, what surprises will “wonderful moment and happy Kispa Shanghai Disney Resort meet-and-greet” give us? Let’s wait and see what will happen.

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