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Huang Lei Disclosed the Secret of Kispa! “Wonderful Moment and Happy Kispa? Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel Meet-and-greet” Was Successfully Held
2017-10-31 10:05:31

  (Former title: Huang Lei disclosed the secret of Kispa! “Wonderful moment and happy Kispa? Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel meet-and-greet” was successfully held)

  On June 18, “Wonderful moment and happy Kispa” meet-and-greet held by Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel came to a successful conclusion. Mr. Feng Yeqing, Strategic General Manager of Liby Group, Ms. Hu Shan, General Manager of Brand Development of Kispa, and Mr. Wu Ruiwang, Deputy General Manager of Channel Marketing Department, attended the meet-and-greet and “national dad” Huang Lei interacted with net friends online. He not only shared his wonderful family time, but also delivered the crown to the site through “skin-friendly time channel”, which witnessed a heart-warming coronation thousands miles away.

  Huang Lei disclosed the secret of Kispa! “Wonderful moment and happy Kispa? Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel meet-and-greet” was successfully held

(Guests experience “skin-friendly time channel” on the activity site and take a group photo))

  Receiving the blessing on Father’s Day, Huang Lei disclosed his daughter’s Circle of Friends

  The activity was conducted on Father’s Day. After successfully linked to the site, Huang Lei shared his wonder family time, saying: “Duo Duo showed a group photo in Circle of Friends and declaring that we were the best partners and wishing me healthy and happy. I was very touched.” When asked “how to be a good dad”, Huang Lei regarded companion as the most important: “Each time of separation between parents and children should be taken as education and parents should be taught to accompany children more, because children’s growth is instantaneous and never starts again once parents miss it.”

  Huang Lei also shared doing housework with children. For example, washing clothes was another way to improve parent-child relationship: “During this course, we interact and exchange with each other closely, which not only cultivate operational ability, but also promotes our relationship. Besides, we use Kispa natural skin-friendly laundry lotion, which is skin-friendly, non-irritation and free of harm to children’s hands. I feel assured.”




 Deliver the crown in a wonderful way and witness the coronation thousands miles away

  Surprisingly, Pu Pu and Jackson in Let me go, baby 2 and their parents arrived on the scene. “Humorous boys cannot talk billingsgate”, “My good behavior today is a gift to my dad”…… foodie Pu Pu talked funny words and provoked laughter constantly. After Pu Pu’s dad and another two dads shared their experience on the stage, videos of three children’s blessings to Father’s Day were played. Witnessing such a touching moment, Huang Lei opened “skin-friendly time channel” together with magician and “delivered” the crown to the scene. Witness by Huang Lei, children helped their dads with a crown and expressed gratitude and blessings to dads with a skin-friendly hug. Kispa also presented a freehand certificate of merit to Huang Lei through “wonderful delivery”.

  Just as what Huang Lei said in the coronation, “A perfect family cannot be separated from a good dad” stresses the important role of dad in a family. Kispa has always adhered to the brand concept “A perfect family cannot be separated from a good dad” and encouraged dads to offer high-quality companion to children through “skin-friendly hug”. Influenced by Kispa, more and more dads return to the family and attach importance to foster parent-child relationship.

  A milestone of cross-border cooperation, new marketing of “dad” style is anticipated

  Except for moving stories shared in “Wonderful Moment and Happy Kispa? Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel meet-and-greet”, surprises emerged in rapid succession. After tickets of Shanghai Disney Resort were drawn, the host invited guests to study and experience skin-friendly waltz and enjoy the wonderful moment of skin-friendly hug together. The meet-and-greet was brought to a successful close with graceful light and music.

  In 2016, Liby Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Disney Resort and became an official sponsor of it. As a brand of high-end skin-friendly cleaning product subordinate to Liby Group, Kispa constantly improved its awareness and reputation in recent years and became a leader of the high-end cleaning industry. Presently, Kispa skin-friendly cleaning product exclusively for Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel has given numerous respected guests wonderful skin-friendly experience: TV advertisement of “wonderful moment and happy Kispa” prevailed nationwide, stores spread all over the country and wonderful cross-border cooperation was conducted online and offline.

  Feng Yeqing, Strategic General Manager of Liby Group, said in an exclusive interview: “Liby is a leading enterprise of Chinese daily chemical industry and Shanghai Disney Reset is the first Disney Resort in China. Win-win cooperation between them will be a new start of cross-border cooperation. Whereas Kispa is the most high-end brand of cleaning product subordinate to Liby Group, acting in cooperation with Shanghai Disney Resort with Kispa as the start can maximize the influence of first cooperation. In future, both will deepen cooperation and give consumers more healthy and happy experience.”

 Speaking of the theme of the activity, Ms. Hu Shan, General Manager of Brand Department of Kispa, said: “‘A perfect family cannot be separated from a good dad’ is the brand concept of Kispa. The theme of ‘wonder moment and happy Kispa’ is just originated from the cooperation with Shanghai Disney Resort. The theme is the sublimation of Kispa’s brand concept and our hope for dads: Return to the family and enjoy wonderful family time.”

  Mentioning future development of Kispa brand, Ms. Hu Shan said: “future is an era of intelligent technology. Kispa will integrate warm science and technology into brand in future. As a high-end brand of skin-friendly cleaning product, Kispa will certainly lead technological innovation, overturn the cleaning industry and make parent-child relationship closer and better.”

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