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Science and Technology Association of Liby Group Was Formally Established
2017-07-27 09:01:24

  In the morning of July 26, the inaugurating meeting of Liby Group Science and Technology Association was called in Liby Center, with President Chen Kaixuan, Vice-president Yang Zuoyi and delegates from Guangzhou Science and Technology Association and Liwan District Science and Technology Association participated. It was the first science and technology association of enterprise in the daily chemical industry of Guangdong Province which will continuously contribute to “high growth and being the first forever” of the Group.

 The meeting deliberated and passed Regulations of Liby Group Science and Technology Association and Election Method of Liby Group Science and Technology Association and selected the first council and the leading group. President Chen Kaixuan was selected as Chairman by unanimous vote, Vice-president Yang Zuoyi and Xu Xiaodong Vice-chairman and General Manager OF Innovation and R&D Center Zhang Liping Secretary General.

 President Chen Kaixuan reviewed technical R&D, intellectual property and industry-university-research cooperation of the Group, saying: “The establishment of Liby Group Science and Technology Association will be of great significance for Liby’s future technical R&D!”

 After that, President Chen Kaixuan made requests and expectations for Liby Group Science and Technology Association: “I hope that the association could give assistance to green and healthy strategy, strengthen R&D, get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, satisfy personalized and escalating consumer needs, improve consumption experience and continuously contribute to fast, efficient and sustainable development of Liby. I also hope that the association could steadily promote technical innovation of daily chemical industry, lead its development and make positive and useful contributions to its prosperity!”

 In the end, a delegate of the Municipal Science and Technology Association granted the plaque of “Science and Technology Association of Guangzhou Liby Group Co., Ltd.” to President Chen Kaixuan, which symbolized its official establishment!

(Liby Group)

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