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Liby Group Was Ranked Among Top 100 “Chinese Best Employers in 2018”
2018-11-23 14:01:42

On November 23, the award ceremony of 2018 Chinese Best Employer of “Intelligent Workplace for the Future” was held in Chengdu, in which “2018 Chinese Best Employer” was formally revealed. Among more than 30,000 participants, Liby Group was awarded with top 100 “Chinese Best Employers” again and ranked the 37th as the only domestic daily chemical enterprise.



Introducing employer brands into China first, “Chinese Best Employer” selection activity sponsored by Zhaopin and Peking University Social Survey and Research Center has been widely recognized by the society. Since it was held in 2005 more and more enterprises have participated in it. “2018 Chinese Best Employer” was initiated on July 31, 2018. The number of 30854 enterprises screened out of applicants created new high with a growth rate of 76%. 7018 HR gave advice and suggestions and more than 40000 employees participated in nominating and voting. The increasing number of applicants and employee’s concern have indicated a growing influence of the activity and enterprise’s intention and effort for employer brand construction. The activity is expected to attract more and more talents through employer brand construction and communication and shows that employees have attached greater importance to employer’s image and their own career development.

It is reported that four systems (organizational system, cultural system, training system and incentive system) and a six-dimension evaluation system were established for “2018 Chinese Best Employer” selection activity based on employer brand concept proposed by British management experts Ambler and Barrow.



According to research on employer brand, modern talents are most interested in the enterprises which respect employees and can provide a growing space.

A conglomerate of the daily chemical industry is developing steadily, which values talents, cares for employees, achieves employee’s dreams, bears social responsibility and grows increasingly stronger. Liby will spare no effort to become a better employer ensuring growth, development and benefits of employees!!



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