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Chen Kaixuan, President of Liby Group,: Party Building “Make the Finishing Point” of Enterprise
2018-06-26 15:18:01


Liby Group carried out creative sculpture experience activity


(Chen Kaixuan, President of Liby Group, accepted an interview)



(Modern dining hall of Liby Group)



It was reported by China News Guangdong News on June 25 (reporter Tang Guijiang) that “Liby, as a national enterprise rising with ‘reform and opening-up’, has been booming since a modern enterprise system was established. Party building work makes the finishing point of Liby. It is just because of ‘the finishing point’ that Liby has constantly found the direction and maintained a leading position.” Chen Kaixuan, President of Liby Group, said while interviewed a few days ago. 

As “July 1” approaches, non-public enterprise party building visiting activity sponsored by Liby Group, a famous brand of the domestic daily chemical industry, will be held in Guangzhou. Then, Liby Group will invite personages of all circles to visit Guangzhou Non-public Enterprise Party Building Exhibition Hall and Liby Party Building Exhibition Hall.  

While interviewed in Liby Center in White Swan Pond Business District of Guangzhou, Chen Kaixuan, a simple and honest entrepreneur of a large modern enterprise, talked about his startup experience, signing with emotion: “I am from Chaoshan. Before the reform and opening-up, my family was so poor that we had nothing to eat and we ate porridge most often. It is just because of the reform and opening-up under the leadership of the Communist Party that private enterprises develop and grow and our country prospers.” 

Meaning of party building: “make the finishing point” of Liby 

It is reported that Liby is meticulous about party building and the board of Liby Group has always given the green light to party building activities with labor, material and financial support so that the Party Committee has never worried about the problem of funds. By now, Liby Group has invested a total of more than 60 million Yuan in party building.;

In addition, Liby Group focuses on giving play to the role of the Party Committee and helping it grow and actively interact with the company. Presently, Liby has explored and formed long-term mechanisms such as mechanism for the Party Committee to participate in great decision and mechanism for party members to deliberate on production and management.  

Liby Group has a high-quality party member team which is active in key positions of production, supply, sale and administration, forms a work pattern “party members work in key positions, tackle technological difficulties and solve problems” and gives full play to the core role of the Party Committee in great decision and operation & management.;

Implementation of party building: put into practice and come into play 

Implementation of party building: put into practice and come into play 

Liby Group not only actively carries out education on honest employment and anti-corruption and establishes “the coordinates” for fighting corruption and upholding integrity, but also builds Guangzhou Non-public Enterprise Party Building Exhibition Hall under the guidance of non-public party work, which becomes an important platform and window of non-public enterprise party building of Guangzhou City. 

It is reported that Liby Group invests more than 10 million Yuan in and freely provides space and service personnel for building “Guangzhou Non-public Economic Organization Party Building Exhibition Hall” with an area of nearly 3000㎡, which is a non-public economic organization party building exhibition hall with the largest scale and the most complete information in China 

“An inch of land values an inch of gold in Guangzhou and house price has risen to about 100000 Yuan/m2. We build the exhibition hall in such a large piece of land in order to show the determination to build the Party.” said Chen Kaixuan.

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