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Innovate, Collaborate, Transform

South Korea (Innovate)

Innovation is one of the primary drivers of South Korea's extraordinary economic rise over the past decades, and according to the 2016 Bloomberg Innovation Index, South Korea was ranked as the most innovative economy, ahead of Germany, Sweden, Japan, and Switzerland.

Korean Racing Authority (Collaborate)

KRA has made significant progress towards the establishment and organization of horseracing in South Korea. KRA's efforts including the hosting in 2016 of international races with 14 international runners from seven countries, allowed South Korea to rise to Part II and become one of the strongest racing nations in the region. KRA stands at forefront of shaping tomorrow's horse racing in South Korea with close collaboration with the South Korean racing industry and other racing jurisdictions.

Thoroughbred Horseracing Industry (Transform)

Globalization has redefined the nature of the business environment and the success of the horse racing industry depends on its ability to respond to change and transform to keep up with the ever-changing market place.


An aspiration of the successful hosting of the 37th ARC is symbolized with Korea's traditional color spectrum and future-oriented cityscapes of Seoul.

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