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Plenary Session * Detailed session programs, chair, and speakers will be updated. 

May 15 (Tue) / COEX Auditorium (3F)

Plenary Session 1
Title Racing – A Global Brand
Time 09:00-10:00
Description Led by the Chairman of the Asian Racing Federation, Mr Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, this conference opening session will explore a new, transformational vision for the development of a global brand for racing.
Plenary Session 2
Title Racing through the Asian Century
Time 10:00-11:00
Description Leading futurist and demographer, Bernard Salt AM, will deliver a keynote presentation, “Racing through the Asian Century”. The address will focus on the key current and future demographic trends which will characterise the ‘Asian Century’, and present both opportunities and challenges for global racing.
Plenary Session 3
Title Reaching and Expanding Racing’s Fan Base
Time 11:30-13:00, 14:00-15:00
Description This wide-ranging session will examine how racing’s evolving fan base is best to be reached and expanded, now and into the future. The session will feature:
• an exploration of the sports broadcast landscape and horizon;
• analysis of recent innovations in digital fan engagement;
• leading programs designed to drive diversity in racing
Plenary Session 4
Title The Modern Elite Jockey – A Sports Medicine Perspective (Part A) and Vocational Training Masterclass (Part B)
Time 15:15-17:00
Description Part A, “The Modern Elite Jockey – A Sports Medicine Perspective”, will explore the demands on professional jockeys and how sports medicine and sports science is changing training, and injury prevention and treatment. Part B, “Vocational Training Masterclass” will look at how the professionalisation of racing continues to require that racing authorities enhance and develop the training they provide to participants and administrators. This session will see presentations from the experts in vocational training.

May 16 (Wed) / COEX Auditorium (3F)

Plenary Session 5
Title Global Wagering Leaders – Current Strategies and Opportunities
Time 09:00-11:00
Description Bringing together an elite line-up of wagering leaders, this session is destined to raise and consider the key issues faced by the wagering industry around the globe. Conference delegates will hear from those at the helm as they outline their strategies, and share their views, on the opportunities and challenges for racing wagering now, and into the future.
Plenary Session 6
Title Sports and Racing Integrity Under the Microscope
Time 11:30-13:00
Description This session will see the integrity of global sport and racing put under the microscope. Key integrity threats to sport and racing will be identified, and major recent cases examined. The session will also evaluate how sports and racing bodies are responding to integrity threats, and unearth what lies ahead.
Plenary Session 7
Title Racing and Popular Culture
Time 14:00-15:00
Description This session steps away from the day-to-day business of racing and takes us on a journey to places where our sport connects with popular culture. Some of the best storytellers who have taken racing as their muse will be interviewed and enjoyed.
Plenary Session 8
Title Gene Doping and Veterinary Regulation
Time 15:15-17:00
Description This session will include presentations on the critical threat of equine gene doping, and what it means for racing. The session will also bring equine veterinary and science specialists together to showcase some of racing’s latest and most significant research projects.

May 17 (Thur) / COEX Auditorium (3F)

Plenary Session 9
Title Equine Welfare
Time 09:00-11:00
Description The International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses will deliver a keynote address on its work, and the Man O’ War Project which involves equine-assisted therapy. In addition, this session will:
• examine how early foal registration and a stronger focus on traceability can impact equine welfare programmes and outcomes; and
• explore how technology can transform equine training and welfare outcomes.
Plenary Session 10
Title Anti-Illegal Betting and Money Laundering
Time 11:30-13:00
Description Illegal betting on thoroughbred racing is, and will continue to be, a major threat to the integrity and financial health of racing. The interrelationship between illegal betting, money laundering and criminality is of concern to the racing industry and governments alike. This session will provide an in-depth look at the latest developments in the response by regulators to the threat of money laundering, including a review of recent scandals which have impacted major financial institutions in the Asian region. In addition, the Asian Racing Federation’s groundbreaking Anti-Illegal Betting Taskforce, which was established following the 36th Asian Racing Conference, will present on the important work it has carried out to date.
Plenary Session 11
Title Industry Profiles
Time 14:00-15:00
Description The Asian Racing Federation includes a wide and diverse range of racing jurisdictions. This session will highlight and embrace that diversity as the conference receives profiles on the current and future landscape of the racing industries of three ARF members.
Plenary Session 12
Title Racetrack Management and Safety
Time 15:15-17:00
Description Racetrack design, preparation and management are fundamental to the success of racing, and the safety of our horses and riders. This session will look into recent developments in racetrack design and management, from running rails to surfaces, and delve into the complex issue of what makes a racetrack safe.
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