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Business Sessions * Detailed session programs, chair, and speakers will be updated. 

[Session 1] Wagering: Meeting modern challenges

This sessions focuses on the position of the horseracing industry in the global gaming market and the global economic impact on horseracing. The session will provide a holistic framework on the sustainability of the industry.

International Simulcasting ; Current situation, Challenges and The Future




[Session 2] Leveraging advanced data to impact customer participation

Horseracing is a data rich, driven industry. This session will focus on:

Understanding and leveraging the power of data and digital content:

   - Industry Analytics - Data driven solutions

   - Social media and horseracing

Market Analysis on industry movements. (Sportradar, the official statistical provider EPL, NBA)



[Session 3] Transformation Strategies: Innovation and the future of racing

Innovation is increasingly changing the way people use media, entertainment & information services at breakneck speed. According to the 2016 Bloomberg Innovation Index, South Korea was ranked as the most innovative economy, ahead of Germany, Sweden, Japan and Switzerland. K-Pop (Music groups: South Korea) has grown to become an international brand. What competitive edge that the racing industry can leverage to build an international brand is.

This session will focus on “Industry readiness”:

Racing and its approach to technology: What is the long-term perspective?

How to lead in the world of connectivity.

The future of horseracing and the next generation / Bridging the generation gap – Millennial & Generation y.



[Session 4] The "Holy Grail" of marketing – Customer-led strategy

Faced with new competition, new technologies and a new breed of customers, horseracing needs to transform into a brand that is engaging and innovative. Leaders face a hard choice: transform or risk being abandoned by customers. The current reality is that customers want everything and there is more pressure on companies to increase their value proposition. Customers want to connect with brands, convenience, variety and they want simplicity in a complex world. They want to go online but also want a good experience in a physical environment.

Digital customer experience

Enhancing retail customer experience with augmented reality

Retailers and in store consumer tracking



[Session 5] Women and Racing

This session will explore woman in the horseracing industry, where we are, where we are going and how we will get there:

Successful woman in racing: Global Glamour 50 plus, Valor ladies, Shelly H and Francesca, Amanda Elliott first female Victoria Racing Club, Chairperson.

Women : The competitive edge of future (Consumer demographics)



[Session 6] ALT-GAMING: The rise of E-sports, Fantasy sports

The sporting industry has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade with an influx of other gaming options such as fantasy sports and eSports. This session will explore the opportunities and threats to the horseracing industry.

Taking e-gaming to the next level

Is the future playing games or watching them?

Gambling using “new currencies”



[Session 7] Equine at heart: Animal welfare

This session will focus on the challenges faced in the care and welfare of the thoroughbred.

Comparative studies on training methods and impact on equine health.

Life after the racetrack: The aftercare of race horses.

The versatility of racehorses and their ability to adapt to alternative careers after racing.