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Specialist Sessions * Detailed session programs, chair, and speakers will be updated. 

[Session 1] Vocational Training

This session will focus on developing well-trained racing professionals for the 21st Century and making the learning experience as engaging as possible

Leading in a volatile and complex economy (Developing and engaging the next generation workforce)

The current talent landscape and its impact on business objectives and productivity.

Learning technologies and horseracing (Learning programs tied to learner experience and business strategy.)

Delivering value through workforce analytics.



[Session 2] Sustainability: From Farm to Track

This session will provide an insight on sustainability and the horseracing industry and will focus on:

Energy Efficiency

Resource Management

Water Management



[Session 3] Racecourse Management

This session will focus on issues connected with racecourse and racetrack management and performance.

"Industry standards" Consistency of synthetic tracks.

Race course designs: The new era

Safety on the turf

Performance on the track: New technologies